BLOG 4: A full Summer 2021 term of fun!

BLOG 4: A full Summer 2021 term of fun!

What a brilliant Summer term it has been, and we made it to the end without any COVID-related interruptions!

It has been hard work this term with all the extra protocols in place for distancing, masking up, cleaning and sanitising, but it has been well worth the effort, with some brilliant progress from our tiny Champs aged 2 right up to our 6 year old graduates.

We started this term focussing on high-5 volleys. Having recapped on this at the end of the term too, it’s amazing how the children have perfected their technique ‘punching’ the ball and the older children running or stepping forward to add more force.

Having covered some other key skills such as forehands, backhands, serves as well as movement, coordination, balancing and agility skills, we focussed this term on:

  • for the 2-4s: using our happy feet, splitting and switching between and understanding the difference between forehands and backhands
  • for the 4-6s: working up from switching from forehands to backhands, moving about the court and ending up rallying at the end of term with our grown-ups!

Our final week was Wimbledon week where we had our very own Championships competition. I wasn’t able to stretch to a Venus Rosewater Dish or a golden trophy but well done to our winners in each class who got a ‘Wimbledon Champion’ certificate: Buddy, Rafferty, Sophie, Noah & Archie (our first ever dead heat!), Liam, Jack, Oliver and Sara.

At the end of the term, all our Champs got a well-deserved certificate and medal to celebrate their successes! Take a look at our video for shots of some of our talented Champs this term and the end of term photos.

I wish everyone a wonderful summer break and look forward to seeing you again in September!