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BLOG 4: A full Summer 2021 term of fun!

What a brilliant Summer term it has been, and we made it to the end without any COVID-related interruptions! It has been hard work this term with all the extra protocols in place for distancing, masking up, cleaning and sanitising, but it has been well worth the effort, with some brilliant progress from our tiny […]

BLOG 3: The end of a brilliant albeit interrupted Autumn term!

Well, what a term! We all got through it together and I am so grateful to all the parents, carers and children for all your support and for following the new guidelines. It was definitely different for me this term. I often joked that I was not only a coach, but also a health consultant […]

Lockdown activity 7: Balloon Tennis Fun

You don’t even need a racket for this activity… just a couple of balloons. Maybe you can have a balloon tennis match over the dining room table?! I can’t wait to see you all at class again at the start of December! Keep safe and keep practicing!

Lockdown 2.0 Announcement

Dear Parents & Carers, This has been a term like no other and many of you will be very used to seeing me in my fancy accessorised face shield with a can of antibacterial spray in my hand most of the time! I have put in place many measures to make my business COVID-secure: smaller […]

BLOG 2: Autumn term week 2: Multitasking week!

Who would have known that the last blog would have been just before Coronavirus struck and I wouldn’t be writing another one for such a long time! … It’s so great to be back and into the ‘swing’ of things!!! It was so good to be back this week at Tennis Champs after such a […]

All class bookings now open!

Exciting news! Bookings for all of our classes, starting 15th September, are now open!!!. Please note changes in venue and some days/times as Shenley Chapel and Holy Trinity Frogmore are closed this term. TUESDAYS 10am for 2-4 year olds (parent & child class) – Waverley Rd Scout Hut TUESDAYS 4pm for 4-6 year olds (parent […]

COVID-19 update: We are back in business!

Following the further easing of restrictions in England from 1 June announced by the Prime Minister, players from different households can now play doubles together as long as they stay two metres apart as far as possible, and small group coaching for up to six people (including coaches) can resume. I am therefore delighted to […]

Lockdown activity 6: Champ’s colour-me-in rainbow picture

Champ has drawn this lovely rainbow to say thank you to all the key workers! Would you like to help colour him and his drawing in? You could put it in your window! Click here to download and print: TennisChamps_Colour-me-in

Lockdown activity 5: Mousetrap Game

This is a great game for when you have limited space on a rainy day. It helps develop motor skills in the little ones. You can use buckets, tupperware pots, fishing nets or even try to trap the ball under a pan lid or shoe. Don’t forget to send some pictures/videos of your all your […]

Let’s make a world record!

EDIT – 24/6/20: Thank you! In the end 105 amazing Tennis Champs, friends, family and even complete strangers joined me in creating the ‘World’s longest virtual tennis rally” during lockdown… and what a fantastic international rally it is! The purpose of this was to raise as much as possible for 4 great charities: NHS Charities […]

Lockdown activity 4: The Sword and Wand Circuit

You can set up a circuit around the house or in your garden and can make it out of anything you want to! Just take a look at this one which includes some of my childrens’ sword and wand toys! Maybe you can time yourself to see how fast you can complete it? Or you […]

Lockdown activity 3: Loo Roll Sandwich game

Another fun activity for lockdown! This will need 2 people to take part – one to throw and one to catch, and you will need 2 rackets and a loo roll. If you don’t have any loo rolls left, use a soft toy instead! Enjoy the videos and don’t forget to send me some pictures/videos […]