Let’s make a world record!

Let’s make a world record!

EDIT – 24/6/20:

Thank you!
In the end 105 amazing Tennis Champs, friends, family and even complete strangers joined me in creating the ‘World’s longest virtual tennis rally” during lockdown… and what a fantastic international rally it is! The purpose of this was to raise as much as possible for 4 great charities: NHS Charities Together, NSPCC, AgeUK And MNDA. Please dig deep to help me reach my target of £1000! Take a moment to watch the rally and DONATE HERE!: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CarolineTennisChamps
Thank you so much for your support!

The idea:

So I have a crazy idea, but I think it could work… can we try to make a Guinness World Record together and raise some money for the NHS, NSPCC, Age UK and MNDA at the same time?

All that you will need to do is to send in video clips of you and your friends and family being thrown a ball and hitting it back. I can then put all the clips together to make a super-long tennis rally!

Children, grown-ups, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends at school, grandparents etc can all do it. You don’t even need a tennis racket or bat, you could use a frying pan, cap, cushion, lid or even a bit of cardboard! You can do a very simple high-five volley or even try some trick-shots to make it different.

Please try to keep the clips short, but don’t worry if they are not perfect or have a bit of noise in them as I can edit them. Please make sure that there is a person throwing the ball into shot (no arm showing please) so that the other person can hit the ball back to out of shot. Below are some examples of my childrens’ trick-shots to give you an idea.

Just send me as many clips of you, your friends and family as you can via WhatsApp (07930 452711) or post it to my Facebook (@tennischampsuk) or Instagram (@caroline_tennischampsuk) pages. Use the hashtag #virtualtennisrally

And don’t forget to donate at: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/CarolineTennisChamps.

Come on! Let’s do this!